Releasing project

This chapter follows up on chapters 2. Traditional publishing or 3. Experimental publishing and represents last steps of project publishing. If the traditional way was followed, display user’s project page and click on the project name (blue colour). If the user went through the experimental way, the text below continues directly to chapter 4. Releasing project.

A section called SETTINGS is displayed. There are a few options in the settings window. It is possible to load map canvas using the map button (1). Use the delete button (2) in case of removing the whole project. For logging out find the top right button (3). Furthermore, it is possible to change the project title (4), set the rate of authentication (5) or edit map extent setting (6). There are few possibilities how to edit map extent (7). The first is to fill in the desired coordinates into the frames. The second possibility, the map extent can be edited manually by drawing a delimiting rectangle area ina map. The last option is to use the extent of one imported layer or extent of all of them. Setting map scales is possible in the left box (8). Executed changes are reflected in map preview (9).

Check the subsection Layers for advanced adjustment of layers. The base layer can be chosen in the left box (a blank base map is default). Within the right box, it is possible to specify which layers will be published or hidden (or both which means that the layer will be published but turned off when the project is opened).

The last subsection is dedicated to topics. Creating or removing a topic is enabled. Select a topic to see involved features which can be subsequently modified.

In the very last step, hit the update button to save all realized changes and finish the experimental publishing process.